Joining the Blank Stage Acting Studio is not just about finding a place to learn how to act. It is about joining a family, a community, a culture of like-minded individuals who although may have different views and perspectives, they all wish to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.
Our community forum is a place to connect. Some are open to the public while others are reserved for our Studio Members. Your community is made up of various groups where individuals with similar interest can make connections and build relationships.
Between our multiple levels of classes, our workshops, casting calls, various other events, and community programs, there is always something going on at Blank stage Acting Studios. Keep up to date by joining our newsletter and always checking our event calendar for what is next at the Bank Stage!

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Welcome to our new Members at Blank Stage Acting Studio! We are happy to have you on board. Check out their profile along with all our Members profile. 

It was in the wee hours of the morning during an improv jam at the old ballroom studio off of lucky street when improviser Daniel Berman looked over at a few of us then over at the Blank Stage…… with a glimmer in his eye he asked, “what can you imagine when you look at the blank stage”?

I didn’t understand it then, but it stayed with me. the potential of a blank stage, a blank page, a blank canvas, it’s about the potential… it’s you, it’s me.

Brent Brooks
Owner of Blank Stage Studios

Upcoming Events


DECEMBER 29, 2016 At 10:00am! 

Brent Brooks has a tradition with his family. Every year for Thanksgiving, they all play Balderdash. Each year, a new champion is crowned and bragging rights granted! While enjoying the holidays with his family and being reminded of this fun adventure each year, he thought a  Balderdash Tournament would be perfect at the Studio and a great event to open class enrollments! The Balderdash Tournament on December 29 will be the 1st Annual Balderdash Tournament hosted by Blank Stage Acting Studio. We are excited to bring you this fun and challenging Tournament.  The winner from junior and adult classes will receive 3 Months free Membership to the Studio.

In addition to our Balderdash Tournament, we will be holding open enrollment for classes beginning January 7, 2017. For this day only, all new registered members will receive $100.00 off their first Months Membership.  We open our doors at 9 am and will be available to show you the Studio, ask questions, enjoy the tournament, and register. 

Learn More about the Tournament and Open Enrollment.


Brent &Lilian Brooks have been such an amazing duo in providing such great services for my daughter Chasnie! Their line of excellence covered and market Chasnie's acting career in providing her with one of the BEST DEMO REELS in Atlanta, that helped my daughter get major auditions and land BIG acting jobs! I totally recommend Lilian and Brent to help build and brand your acting career with giving you Top of the line professional services, from headshots, coaching, writing, creating demo scenes for reels, and mentorship for actors on their beginning stages! They have been a blessing in every genre of the entertainment industry! My referral to every momager that have came in contact with me was for them to utilize Brent & Lilian Brooks in marketing their child acting career, knowing their services will get their child acting career off to a successful start!
Cashima Houston
The video quality was preposterously good. Undoubtedly the best-looking self-tape I've ever done. Lighting is *amazing*. Set up is very conducive to good filming: a mirror to your right to fix your appearance between takes. Video screen to watch your clip immediately after takes. Brent will sit with you pick out/edit the ones you like. The reader is very helpful, patient,flexible,and fun to work with. Pricing is very reasonable.
Matthew Broussard
My name is Scott Oakley. I am an acting and tactical instructor at The Professional Actors Studio. I study under Nick Conti and I am a working Union actor headquartered in Atlanta. I have used Brent and Lilian Brooks numerous times for video auditions. Submitting the finished product to The Fincannons, Jackie Burch, Tyler Perry Studios as well as numerous other casting agents and studios. They have a way of allowing your natural energy to be presented during the video audition process. They allow for free expression and assist in finding comfortable and creative ways to interpret your reads. The pricing is fair, the quality is unmatched and their availability is convenient to the demanding needs of this industry. If you have not yet utilized their services, I personally recommend that you do.
Scott Oakley
Blank Stage has taught me much more than acting. I see my life as a journey.
Diamond Alessandra
Are you a parent with a child who has a passion to be an Actor? Model? Fashion Designer? Now you ask how and where do I go from here? This is an industry that is BOOMING in Atlanta and it is also BOOMING with "so call coaches, agents, and managers" I can tell you, I as a parent, have had to deal with these dishonest people! I was at a point, I did not want to continue this journey, but looking at the joy my daughter gets when she is performing, I had to try one more time! I was introduced to Brent and Lilian Brooks at The Professional Actors Studio. I was able to audit the class while Olivia participated and it a different way of teaching, very relaxed with a lot of energy if that makes any sense! Olivia could not wait to go back! You see, she was struggling with who she was as an actress. By the third class, you could see Olivia blooming into this amazing actress! Brent has a way of pulling more out of the kids in this class and these kids feel safe to give all that they have. Brent and Lilian will get into character to stimulate what our actors may come across when they go to an audition. These kids are not sitting down and being lectured at, on, how to be an actor, they are given a script, and they become an actor and perform while being taped, then they will watch and critique their work! The kids are excited to see their performance. One day Olivia came to me so happy after class and said, "Mom this is the first time I was told that I did a good job acting!" If you could have seen the joy in her eyes, it was priceless! The knowledge, energy and love that Brent and Lilian have for our kids and this industry, is REAL!!! Our children are not only their students, they become family! Brent and Lilian are the dynamic duo who want our kids to believe in themselves to encourage and congratulate one another and believe that dreams can be reached! Brent and Lilian are not limited to teaching, they are working actors, they do amazing reels and video auditions and have their own production company. Due to Brent and Lilian's quality work with teaching Olivia and producing great video audition tapes, Olivia has been signed by Salt Model and Talent and has been very busy! From my experience audit a class, and watch how your child bloom!
Olivia Lynch
Not only have Lillian and Brent been amazing guides in the bumpy industry of entertainment, but their professionalism and quality is top-notch!

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