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Joining the Blank Stage Acting Studio is not just about finding a place to learn how to act. It is about joining a family, a community, a culture of like-minded individuals who although may have different views and perspectives, they all wish to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.
Our community forum is a place to connect. Some are open to the public while others are reserved for our Studio Members. Your community is made up of various groups where individuals with similar interest can make connections and build relationships.
Between our multiple levels of classes, our workshops, casting calls, various other events, and community programs, there is always something going on at Blank stage Acting Studios. Keep up to date by joining our newsletter and always checking our event calendar for what is next at the Bank Stage!

It was in the wee hours of the morning during an improv jam at the old ballroom studio off of lucky street when improviser Daniel Berman looked over at a few of us then over at the Blank Stage…… with a glimmer in his eye he asked, “what can you imagine when you look at the blank stage”?

I didn’t understand it then, but it stayed with me. the potential of a blank stage, a blank page, a blank canvas, it’s about the potential… it’s you, it’s me.

Brent Brooks
Owner of Blank Stage Studios

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